Just so you all know, this is my first attempt at a diary, so Pleeeease be gentle,……… or don’t :0)

What I’m hoping for with this diary is to get a better insight into how my daughters, I have two, 15, and 12, but particularly my 15 yr old, are doing in life in general, how they are coping with peer pressure, pre-womanhood and all the pressure that goes with that, the little wolves, sorry, I mean boys who are now calling our house for them all the time. How they might be looking to me as a model for what they like or maybe don’t like or look for in boys/men, and what things that I could do to better understand them and help them along, not that I’m sure they want it.

Now here’s the tricky part. I have come to realize that maybe I am being over protective at least as far as finding a comfortable pace (for me) and them in slowly letting them go, and grow, and begin to find for themselves what their path may be. I’m scared to death! Yikes! I know that they have secrets, and I know that they’ve probably done some things that I’ll never know about. Nor should I, I think. I’m not trying to get completely inside their heads, because after all, I’m a man and that may be an intellectual leap that I’m not capable of making :0) I’m just looking for a better understanding of them.

One of, if not the greatest strength of Booman Tribune, is the wealth of strong, passionate, caring, and outspoken women here, and it occured to me that I might be fortunate enough to get a little insight, without prying too much, into any of your memories of how things were between you and your fathers, and what you might wish he had done differently, or what he did perfectly for that matter when you were growing up and even now as adult daughters of fathers.

I want to be the perfect father, but I know thats not possible. So I was wondering if any of you daughters would be willing to help me be the best father to my daughters that I can be.

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