It’s 6:50am on the Left Coast…anyone else up watching?
A brush with fame: Every year, there’s a women’s tennis tournament at Stanford University. It’s had some different sponsors over the years; I think the current title is the “Bank of the West Classic”.

Across El Camino Real from the University property (diagonal from the football stadium, if you’re really interested), there’s a shopping center. Many of the stores are pretty upscale, but at one time, there was a good family restaurant called Stickney’s. (They had a toffee crunch cake to die for!)

The spouse and I went there for dinner one night, and as we were leaving, we saw a tall, very attractive young woman sitting in a corner booth with an older man. I went up to use the restroom while the spouse was paying the bill. As I came out, the spouse said to me, “I think that was Lindsay Davenport!” I took another look, and though I wasn’t super-familiar with the tennis scene, I had to agree with him.

So, for sentimental reasons, I gotta root for Lindsay…

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