Three pricks met before G8.  Chirac, Schroeder and Putin.

From the BBC. They were talking about the UK:

“The three men met on Sunday for celebrations to mark the 750th anniversary of the founding of Kaliningrad, formerly known as Koenigsberg, an exclave of Russia surrounded by Poland and Lithuania.

“The only thing they have ever done for European agriculture is mad cow disease,” Mr Chirac said, according to the newspaper’s report.

“After Finland, it is the country with the worst food.”

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What fucking dickheads! NO country has the worst food. You make do with what you’ve got. Not everyone can provide their farmers with dickhead CAP.

You can eat anything in Finland that you want, if you are ready to pay for it. Any food in the world. Well cooked, well presented, well served. And in the best hygienic kitchens. (Parma please note)

But we live in the North. Not everything grows or lives here. Rather than have planes fly in our luxuries every day, we make do with what we’ve got.

I can take any visitor to Finland (and I have quite a few) on a culinary trip equal to any in the world. But I don’t take them there. I take them to the basic kitchen of Finland. And they love it.

“This is the food my mother used to make” is the best and most perfect, and frequent answer.

The dickheads couldn’t boil an egg. They’ve been served all their life, by people trying to impress them. They do not understand what food is. A celebration of the life and abundance around them. Wherever you are.

No wonder the EU will never work, while the dickheads live in a world divorced from reality.

(though I must admit that Pizza is a very popular food here)

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