Gooooooood morning fine people! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.

I’m Mindmouth, your hostess this morning here at the Froggy Bottom Cafe slash Welcome Wagon. If you’re new here at the Boo, come on in and say hello! If you’re not new, well, you know what to do.

Let’s start the morning with a song, shall we?
Tuesday morning, coffee’s on
What better way to start the day
Than with a lovely song?
Birds are singing, sun is bright
Half of us were drunk last night
Fireworks and barbecue
But now it’s back to work…. PEE-EWWWW!

What’s on your mind this morning, friends and neighbors?

*Small Editorial Note:*
Folks, at the request of the FBCers, instead of recommending our FBC diary, add it to your Hotlist, please! I’m thinking we want to keep that slot in the Recommended Diaries section available for important stories for the Boomen and Women. Thank you!

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