Happy Humpday Tribbers!  It’s a short workweek for many of us and I for one, definitely enjoy the concept of a wednesday that feels like a tuesday but is way closer to friday than tuesdays in general…  Abbott’s special bacon is fryin’ as always – for the west coasters, we’ve got breakfast, and for the more easterly types, well I can make a lovely BLT with fresh heirloom tomatoes.

The Café is up and open for business!

You all know the rules – in the Café, anything goes, but please remember to tip your server.  Oh, and whatever rules Diane and co. have devised restricting large pics and wide comments and all that still apply.  Unless it’s a really cool picture, then it’s ok.  😉

A quick view of the news today, it appears an appeal by HRC and a free stadium for the Mets was not enough to get the 2012 Olympics for NYC.  Now, I am big a sports fan as they come, but does ANYONE (outside of the 3 folks pictured on nytimes.com shreaking with excitement) really give a flying crud?  Do you watch the Olympics?  Do you care where they hold it so long as your back yard isn’t flooded with porto-johns and juiced up, sexually ambiguous Russian swimmers?  Not me.  Just thought I’d ask…  =)

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