I ask that question every single day.

Today, after hearing about the London bombings and the horrific deaths and horrible woundings, and after watching the director of the US Homeland Security Department, Michael Chertoff, telling Americans that watches will be stepped up around the US – knowing that Bushco and the Republican controlled government refuse to fully fund security measures – I ask that question again: how many more people have to die?

React, react, react.

When it comes to the threat of possible terrorism in the US, Bushco is constantly in a reaction mode. They seem to be unable, just as they were with the lack of pre-war planning, to actually formulate proactive policies. A crisis happens somewhere. Bushco throws out a few words to try to soothe the nation. The crisis passes. They do absolutely nothing.

If they hadn’t wasted so much damn money on an illegal war, maybe all of my southern neighbours could actually feel more safe and secure. Of course, that’s assuming the Republicans would actually have spent the extra money (that they didn’t have in the first place) to actually protect you. But we all know that wouldn’t have happened.

How much is your life worth to them? How much are your children’s lives worth to Bushco? Just look at what they spend on your security and you’ll have that answer.

Michael Chertoff said today that Buscho doesn’t formulate policy based on a single incident. Bullshit. And, if that’s what he truly believes, maybe he needs to be told that sometimes you have to do exactly that.

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Oh – and don’t forget to go shopping or the terrorists will win.

Guess what, Bush? They are winning. And, it’s your fault.

May Londoners find peace and may my friends to the south find security and safety.

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