[From the diaries by susanhu.]

I am angry, not despaired,
I am hopeful, not hopeless,
I will stand against injustice,
For I am a Human Being.

I wrote this yesterday, after reading about all the tragedy that has befallen the world in the course of King Georges watch.  As a leader, Georgie boy is a loser, as a corporate lackey he has all the attributes necessary and as a despot of destruction, he more than qualifies.  I have read so many wonderful diaries over the last three days and I hope this one gives all who read it a sense of hope.  That we shall not be denied our rightful place in the way our government is run and how it makes decisions concerning the welfare of not only the peoples of the US, but the peoples of the world.

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I would like to break this short poem down for you, so you will understand where my point of reference is coming from and why.

I am angry,

I am livid that the leader of my country has so far been able to keep his lies and lunacy from the very people who have placed him in power.  The spin machine from the white house has been in super overdrive for the last 12 months and it is not going to be able to maintain that rate of spin for very much longer.

Not Despaired,

Because the fascists that have taken over my country’s government, have not yet gained a complete hold on all the seats of power.  If my fellow countrymen and women arise in their righteous indignation at the despoiling of our country by these corporate fascists raiders, we will have our best chance of defeating them.

I am hopeful,

As a person in recovery, I have grown to understand that hope is eternal, that without hope, there is nothing.  I believe in the American people, I believe that they will recognize evil and face it and change that which makes us less than our very best.

Not hopeless,

Again as a person in recovery, I am quite familiar with hopelessness and today I have no sense of hopelessness.  I firmly believe that the current regime is in for some truly magnificent come uppance in the near future and it will find itself standing in the light of the peoples righteous indignation at the crimes it has committed in the name of the people of the US.

I will stand against injustice,

Are we not all standing up against the injustice of this war on terrorism, this war against our fundamental rights as citizens of the US.  Until such time as my government clamps me in irons and ships me off to Gitmo or some such hellhole, I will raise my voice, in defiance to their fascism, their illegal war, their destruction of our Constitution.  I will not shirk my responsibility as a citizen of this country, to stand up for those who are less able to stand for themselves.  I will voice my opinions in everyway possible, to maximize how many people might hear what I am saying about the injustice that is perpetuated by my government.

For I am a Human Being.

Above all else on this earth, I am a human being, I am valuable because I am a human being, not for what I have, or do not have, not for what I own or do not own.  I am valuable because I walk upon this earth, a member of race of human beings that encompasses a vast multitude of other human beings.  All faced with the same life decisions, all forced to face our inequities, shortcomings and faults. But blessed with the joys of hope, love, honor, truth and commitment to helping those who are not able to help themselves.  I am because I know that I am.  I live because I feel the grace of being alive.  I love because I have been given love.  I share because I have been shared with.  I am a being that has been given life in a human form and that is a wondrous gift, that I nearly lost, yet here I am, sharing with others the truth as I know and feel it, within myself.

Please feel free to add anything you would like to each of these points.  I would enjoy reading what your feelings are on each of them.  Again thank you all for allowing me to be a part of your lives and sharing with me the many and various joys and disappointments that come with being just a Human Being.

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