Tom Delay needs to go. Drug costs need to come down.

It is so windy on the blogs right now. We get swayed from one important topic, blogged down on another and forget about others. It’d be nice if there was a corner on Booman Tribune that kept the main Democrat Issues in the forefront as a constant reminder of what we are suppose to be about and need to keep our focus on until the problem is resolved.

So here’s a reminder of 2 important issues:

It’s not hard to put a dollar figure on House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s importance to corporate America. For drugmakers, his support is worth $13 billion; for petrochemical companies, it could be as much as $375 billion.

Business Booster: Tom DeLay is U.S. companies’ friend in Congress

DeLay, R-Texas, led the fight to protect Valero Energy Corp. and other companies from pollution lawsuits. For Greenwich-based UST Inc., he helped block Food and Drug Administration regulation of tobacco.

For Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., DeLay employed his parliamentary prowess to win passage of a 2003 Medicare overhaul bill that prevents the government from negotiating with drugmakers for lower prices.


I am one of the millions who cannot afford the drugs I need for managing my disease (scleroderma)

I am one of millions who cringe every time a drug ad is on tv. Millions of dollars wasted on advertising. But that is another topic and I don’t want to hear about the need for money for researching something that most Americans cannot afford even if a new wonder drug is created  blah, blah blah..because I speculate that the drug companies are also responsible for causing many diseases with their covert testing practices on unsuspecting human guinea pigs. A vicious cycle worth ‘speculating’. But that’s just little old cynical me thinking.

I know a lot of good things have come from drug companies and corporate America, but seems there is much more bad, like Tom Delay’s power and corruption in OUR Congress.

I know our attention gets diverted with each new outrage, whether it is political, or a news event etc., but when that happens the blogs get like over blown chat rooms and chaotic and ineffective.

I hope we don’t forget about what Delay has done and needs to be accountable for.

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