What if we have it all wrong?  What if we are struggling in quicksand when all we have to do is float?  What if we are pulling against Chinese handcuffs when all we have to do is relax?

I’ve noticed that both the RW and the LW are saying much the same things about the media.  What if we are both right and wrong.  The media is neither RW nor LW but something else entirely.  We have all worried about the conglomerates owning the media for good reason.  So we acknowledge to the RWs and to ourselves the media is not what it should be.  We acknowledge that the funding wars have not produced the country we hoped.
More on the flip:

I’ve noticed that regardless of the money I’ve funneled to various causes I am still stuck with the same issues year after year – fear of losing choice in reproductive issues, fear of losing the safety nets, fear of more government intrusion into my private life and less true government work regulating and protecting us from corporate abuses.  Seemingly nothing has worked.  On the other side the RW are also frustrated.  People can get abortions, they are told over and over about the liberal efforts to take over the rearing of their children, etc etc.  They too have contributed to various efforts and seemingly nothing has worked.

What has worked very well is that we are so divided – almost 50 – 50, that scrutiny over what the government really IS doing has not happened.  Consequently Bush and his ilk have raided the treasury without a combined alarm in the country at large.  The RW think he is working for them.  We know he isn’t working for us.  There are rumbles from the RW regarding the judgeships and Bush placates them throwing a few bones their way while still raiding the treasury.  How can we change this scenario?  How can we alert the RW and LW that we must move together to save what is left of our treasury and our country?  The media won’t do it.  We could do billboards perhaps, radio ads perhaps.

One thing is sure – we cannot continue going down the same road.  We cannot support the various causes that do not really take us to an end game.  We cannot even support the dem party if it cannot take us out of this spiraling madness.

Any ideas?

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