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Military officials gave a report detailing the torture that has occurred at the Guantanamo Bay prison in a hearing today before the Senate Armed Forces Committee.

You want outrage?  Here’s outrage:

Interrogators subjected a suspected terrorist to abusive and degrading treatment, forcing him to wear a bra, dance with another man and behave like a dog, military investigators reported Wednesday, saying that justified their call for disciplinary action…. More below:

They said they recommended that Army Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller be reprimanded for failing to oversee his interrogation of the 9-11 suspect at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

But Gen. Bantz J. Craddock, commander of U.S. Southern Command, said he overruled their recommendation and will instead refer the matter to the Army’s inspector general. Craddock concluded that Miller did not violate any U.S. laws or policies, according to officials familiar with the report.

AP via Yahoo – emphasis mine


The Bush Administration is a failure.  

The Republicans are unfit to govern.  

Tell everyone you know that these fuckers are torturing people in our name AND refusing to hold anyone accountable.

Here is what they are doing in our name:

According to investigators:

_A Female interrogator in one case smeared what she described as menstrual blood — it was fake — on a prisoner, but they recommended no further action on the allegation because it happened some time ago. The woman was disciplined, investigators said.

_A Navy officer threatened one high-value prisoner by saying he would go after his family. This was in violation of U.S. military law, the investigation found.

_Military interrogators impersonated FBI and State Department agents. This practice was stopped after the FBI complained.

_Interrogators improperly used duct tape on a detainee. An FBI agent said a prisoner was bound on the head with duct tape, his mouth covered, because he was chanting verses from the Quran.

_Interrogators used cold, heat, loud music and sleep deprivation on prisoners to break their will to resist interrogation. These techniques were approved at certain times at Guantanamo.

_Chaining a detainee to the floor in a fetal position was not authorized; however, the investigation could not confirm an FBI agent’s allegation that detainees were left in this position for long periods.

These are not allegations.  They have now been officially reported to the United States Senate.

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