In the review of the Powell memo
The plodding of justice is slow.
Will it lead to a toss-up,
Karl’s defense “It was Gossip”,
Or a Rovian contendere, nolo?

(four more after the fold)
Nearly a dozen Bad Apples were found,
Who were slapping insurgents around.
But where is the germ,
Or in command worm,
Who allowed this abuse to abound?

A photographer Cameron Diaz has sued,
Over photos of her semi-nude.
In pre-exposing her boobs,
To someone’s flashcubes,
Is her career now unglued, or renewed?

Re: prisoners of the Far Cuban Quod,
Gonzales won Bushies the nod.
After judicial review,
Can have cake; eat it, too,
For us all, is George Bush now a God?

A Canadian teen was caught speeding,
Claims a bathroom was what he was needing.
A supplementary shake,
Left his bladder aquake;
Should sue Arnold for his excessive exceeding…

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