My names are Lincoln Joel Nsubuga, I was born on 26/March/1973 in Mulago Hospital the biggest government Hospital. I come from a family of seven. I live in Makindye town which is 3kms from Kampala city centre. Kampala is the capital city of Uganda.
Greetings to all the members of the Booman Tribune Community. When I sat at home on Sunday/17th/July/2005 in the evening; I started thinking over and again and asked myself why I still fail to catch up with the world and I realized that I don’t have to give up with the chances on the Booman Tribune. I want to start a POULTRY KEEPING Project with 300 chicks (200 broilers and 100 layers) this will help me and my family, some members of the church who are not employed. This Project when started will help us get some income to sustain ourselves and our family and also invest in other progressive projects like crop growing.
Angela and Daniel’s future also forces me to find something I can set up to get some income which will help me fund their education.
I have gone a through a real hard life in this world all because I did not have a chance to accomplish my studies and this was because my father had retired and my mother was retrenched having worked for Mulago Hospital for 25yrs.
I was only left with college studies to get a certificate or diploma which would help me get a job. Having seen that I have failed to find any solution for my continuing studies, I sat home and later on joined the church to find new life. Though the church has helped me a lot in building my morals, faith and hope but still without something, you cannot change the lifestyle.
To all those who are will to support this project start, you can donate to the paypal account which we have finally opened up by simply clicking on this link;               And to those who are willing to send clothes and toys to Angela and Daniel, send them to the postal address below;
Pastor Lincoln Joel Nsubuga
P.O. Box 29248, Kampala – Uganda
East Africa.
Change my world today and I change the world of others. Today or tomorrow, we shall all live a happy life.
God bless you all.
Pastor Lincoln Joel Nsubuga
NB: Angela and Daniel’s photo are on the Booman Tribune in one of my diaries and the donations to the project start up on the Project Africa page by simply clicking on the link above.

I would also like to start a new life and get rid of the life I have been living. I don’t have the bedsheets myself; they are all torn and blanket also. Are there members who can provide me with these? If so you can send them to this address.
Ps. Lincoln Joel Nsubuga
P.O. Box 29248, Kampala – Uganda
East Africa.
I also need to get a curtain; my life is not good despite the fact that am always hopeful. You can believe my words when you come and visit me in Makindye. I can show you everything that I have . I don’t have saucepans, plates and cups I have few but I will get those in due time.
What I need also are the chairs in the house and stools the set costs 240,000/= Uganda Shillings equal to $150. Cupboard 100,000/= Uganda Shillings equal $60
I humbly ask you members to give me a start in my life. I will be happy. A Paypal was set up simply click on the link above
Just help me get a start. I do believe there are people willing to help. I call upon you to support me start a Poultry project as well. We want to start with 300 chicks as I mentioned above. So whatever you can donate to our Paypal account, will help us a lot. Here is my email address incase you need more information from me; E-mail:
The church provides us with phone services so you can get me on this phone number; 00-256-77 610441.

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