While the name Leo Strauss is well known to people following the PNAC and the Neocon Thugs, the name Paul Johnson should get an equal billing in the crimes being visited on the people of the Middle East by the Bush imperialists. Briefly, Paul Johnson, an unreconstructed British Imperialist and author of a big, biased version of history called the MODERN TIMES, proposed in a WSJ article that a colonialist authority must be reimposed on the Middle east by Western Powers for another hundred years and institutions created to “civilize” the peoples of that region.A sort of a Return to the White Man’s Burden, one might say.This is the underbelly of the Bush Administration’s strategy using toadies like the Sauds, Al Sabahs and the Musharrafs to accomplish their colonialist dreams while plundering the resources of the countries.

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