The Bush administration is undergoing a revolt from the inside. Or, perhaps, a revolt orchestrated by those that have recently left.

A State Department memo that has caught the attention of prosecutors describes a CIA officer’s role in sending her husband to Africa and disputes administration claims that Iraq was shopping for uranium, a retired department official said Tuesday.

Hmmm. Is this Powell? Armitage? Someone else?

The document was prepared in June 2003 at the direction of Carl W. Ford Jr., then head of the State Department’s bureau of intelligence and research, for Marc Grossman, the retired official said. Grossman was the Undersecretary of State who was in charge of the department while Secretary Colin Powell and his deputy, Richard Armitage, were traveling.

The same Carl W. Ford, Jr. that said this about John Bolton?

I have never seen anybody quite like Secretary Bolton. He doesn’t even come close. I don’t have a second and third or fourth in terms of the way that he abuses his power and authority with little people.

Whoever the State Department source is, they seem to have three goals. One, is to stick a knife in Karl Rove’s ribs. Two, is to highlight that the State Department never believed the bullshit about Nigerien uranium. And three: to knock down this idea that Plame’s role in Wilson’s selection has any relevance.

The former State Department official stressed the memo focused on Wilson’s trip and the State Department intelligence bureau’s disagreement with the White House’s claim about Iraq trying to get nuclear material. He said the fact that the CIA officer and Wilson were husband and wife was largely an incidental reference.

The Bush administration seems to have made some powerful enemies. And it isn’t making their life any easier now. These enemies are lining up to shoot down the White House spin.

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