You believe in a strong and independent judiciary.

Then you’re probably a Democrat.

You believe that your responsibity to cast an informed vote requires a corresponding commitment on the part of your government to count it accurately and reproducibly.

Then you’re probably a Democrat.

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You prefer your science informing public policy rather than politicians rewriting your science.

Then you’re probably a Democrat.

You think your government owes its citizens a transparent and honest an operation when they expect  you and your grandchildren to foot the enormous bills they’re ringing up.

Then you might be a Democrat

You think our daughters deserve no less an opportunity than our sons to succeed in their endeavors

You probably want to grab the tiller before somebody swamps the boat by tilting too much  to the right.

You think that it’s shameful that our children’s health and well being don’t get more than unfunded mandates and lip service from our government.

You might even be a John Kerry Democrat.  

You think a nation that expects its military and intelligence services to risk their lives should make every effort to keep covert operations, well, covert.

Expect a cool reception for that idea in the Republican party.

You think loyalty to country trumps loyalty to party, or to traitorous friends.

You’re likely to be run out of the Republican Party, because that’s just crazy talk and they’ve filled their lunatic quota for the next cycle

You think it’s high time the Federal government stopped treating Social Security as an unlocked box and reinforced the security of the pensions hard working Americans have been paying into for decades.

You sure don’t sound like a Republican.

If you find yourself listed more than 5 times in this list, guess what?

Then you’re definitely a Democrat.

You may be to the right of some, and to the left of others in the Democratic Party.

You may be cranky when you feel disrespected by your colleagues in the party, and be dismissive of others who have different priorities than you.

Guess what?  You can still be a Democrat.

Your call.  The tent is open.

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