Oh, this is rich.  This little gem of protest comes fast on the heels of the desperate recruiting move to push age restrictions back further and further — now, to the over-40 crowd — in order to reach unmet enlistment goals.

And exposes how disgustingly ridiculous that desperation move is.

The “Raging Grannies” of Tuscon, Arizona have been protesting against the war in Iraq every Wednesday outside their local recruitment office — but this week, they took that protest an absolutely hilarious step beyond: the age 65 plus ladies attempted to enlist!
And, of course, the jackbooted army thugs responded in as ham-fisted a manner possible:

“We went in asking to be sent to Iraq so our kids and grandchildren can be sent home, but rather than listening to us, they called the police,” said 74-year-old Betty Schroeder.

Oooo, grannies scary to army! Army must be defended from grannies!


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