It seems like the DLC has orchestrated the “Kerry Campaign” for the Democratic Party. Remember Kerry was not going to change anything that Bush did… but just be nicer doing it.

  • Kerry was going to be kinder in the fabricated “War of Terror”.
  • Kerry was going to be more compassionate to anti-choicers
  • Kerry was going to be nicer to the build up to the militaristic industrial complex
  • Kerry was going to be more understanding to religious fanatics
  • Kerry was going to be sweet to the corporatist and proclaimed that he was a “non-redistributionist” I guess that is code for less taxes…

In short Kerry was going to make the Democratic Party a more kinder gentler Republican party.

Kerry Lost to the worst president ever…

Now, instead of waiting for another opportunity Lieberman and his cronies have decided that the plan shall continue with out a Democratic president… and just make the party Republican anyways… so with just seven fellow thugs he staged a coup d’etat and has since been running the party without being elected…

….so is this what Democracy looks like????

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