I judge people by little details.

To me, the details are evidence of who I wish to be associated with.

It is, of course, subjective

Let me explain a little on the flip…
This world is full of spin. Of manufactured personalities.

But in the freeform correspondence we indulge in here – over many weeks – it would be difficult to fake a personality. It would not be worth the effort.

I know Booman is young, has a dog, a girlfriend/lover/partner. And is dedicated to overthrow Republican control.

I know this because everything he says supports this. In detail.

I don’t have a handle on who Susanhu is, but the diaries speak of a dedicated journalist – too much work to fake.

I have a ‘sense’ of who other people are. Ghostdancer, Diane, Shirl or Oui I accept without question. And many others, with the clear wisdom of age.

I feel a kinship with those who expose their daily lives. You are too numerous to mention, but you know who you are.

Others I am more circumspect about. Because the details of your lives are more hazy. I don’t fully understand your motivation for writing what you do. And until I do, I am at one remove. I listen, but I am a sceptic.

To me, the facts are only relevant in relation to the auteur.

To trust the facts that someone presents to me, I need to know who that someone is.

That is why the social aspects of Booman Tribune are important.

If an unknown Paul Revere rode by my house tonight shouting in the middle of the night, I would be inclined to shout back: “WTF?”

I need to know who is on my side….

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