This is part of a series that is posted randomly throughout the week. The series is a selection of photos and sometimes editorial cartoons that sum up visually what is going on around the world. Unless otherwise noted, I don’t necessarily endorse the actions or the sentiments portrayed in the photos, and I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the captions. Feel free to add any current events photos or editorial cartoons in the replies. WARNING: There may be VERY graphic photos depicting death and violence in each edition of this series.

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The University of Calgary’s solar car exits Perimeter Highway onto Highway 225-21, about five miles (8 km) from the Red River College checkpoint, during the North American Solar Challenge in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada July 22, 2005. Several of the teams have arrived at the checkpoint and will use a couple of days to catch up on some much needed rest. All 18 solar cars will depart Sunday toward the finish line in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, beginning the trip down Trans-Canadian Highway 1 in this 2,500 mile (4,000 km) solar powered car race across the U.S and Canada. REUTERS/Stefano Paltera/Handout

July 19: Dhaka demo : A Bangladeshi child crouches by her mother’s feet during a protest rally organized by the ‘Combined Women Society’ in Dhaka. (AFP/Farjana K. Godhuly)

An Egyptian policeman and shop owners look at a damaged vehicle at Sharm el-Sheik old market following explosions in Egypt’s Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik early Saturday July 23, 2005. Explosions ripped through a luxury hotel and a coffee shop in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik early Saturday, killing at least 75 people. Terrified European and Arab tourists fled into the night, but the toll hit heaviest on Egyptian workers. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

Andean dancers in costumes perform during a festival in honor of the ‘Virgen del Carmen’, known locally as Mamacha Carmen, in the town of Paucartambo in the Peruvian city of Cuzco, July 15, 2005. Hundreds of dancers from different groups took to the streets on Friday to celebrate the religious festival and to accompany the Mamacha in a procession through the main square, church and town streets. The festivities will end on July 19. Picture taken July 15, 2005.

U.S. army infantry soldiers from the Stryker brigade secure the entrance of a building during a patrol at a cement factory in the town of Arij, near Mosul, in northern Iraq, July 23, 2005. Only half of Iraq’s police battalions are capable of carrying out operations against insurgents, while two-thirds of army battalions and the rest of the police are no more than ‘partially capable,’ according to a U.S. military assessment made public on Thursday. REUTERS/Andrea Comas

An Iraqi man (L) talks to Private First Class Daniel Kulicka of the U.S. Army Stryker brigade during a patrol at a cement factory in the town of Arij, near Mosul, in northern Iraq, July 23, 2005. Al Qaeda in Iraq said on Saturday it had kidnapped Algerian mission chief Ali Belaroussi in Baghdad, according to an Internet statement. REUTERS/Andrea Comas

Workers lift a piece of marble in front of the temple of the Parthenon during restoration works in Athens July 20, 2005. The biggest part of the restoration project at the hill of the Acropolis including the temple of Niki, the Propylea and the temple of the Parthenon is expected to be completed by the end of 2006. REUTERS/Yiorgos Karahalis

Yemeni soldiers are deployed 21 July 2005 to quell clashes between security forces and armed demonstrators. Calm was restored to Yemen after at least 22 people were killed in two days of clashes between police and people demonstrating over a sharp rise in fuel prices in one of the poorest countries on the planet(AFP/File)

Stunning photograph.

July 21: Night view of the Vatican. For the first time ever, Britain is using the help wanted pages to look for an ambassador(AFP/File/Paolo Cocco)

This kid is adorable!

A boy stands near sand sculpture ‘Balance’ made by Nederlands’ sculptors, Martijn Smits and Martijn Rijerse, during a festival of sand sculpture in St. Petersburg, Russia, Friday, July 22 , 2005. Teams from Europe take part in the IV International Festival of Sand Sculpture with motto ‘Revolution’ at the beach of the St. Peter and St. Poul Fortress. (AP Photo/ Dmitry Lovetsky)

Getting the lid : Iraqi girls use the lids of their pots to hide their faces as they queue at a soup kitchen following Friday noon prayers at the Sunni Muslim Guilani mosque in central Baghdad. (AFP/Ahamad al-Rubaye) Fri Jul 22

Sealed press : A Pakistani policeman stands guard outside a sealed printing press in Karachi. (AFP/Aamir Qureshi)

An unidentified family member grieves beside the coffins of imam Alaa Salih al-Azawi and his two brothers, Bhaa Salih and Nuhad Salih during a funeral service, Saturday, July 23, 2005, in Baghdad, Iraq. The three were gunned down by unknown attackers Friday night. (AP Photo/Karim Kadim)

Tracy Gavidia, on ladder, a Port Animal Technician, inspects a shipment of 35 cattle with Dr. Farooq Hashmi, left, Port Veterinarian, both from U.S. Department of Agriculture, at the border in Lewiston, N.Y., Monday. (AP/Harry Rosettani)

July 21: Floodwaters : Bangladeshi immigrant, Anura Khatun holds her son, Anowar Hussain (2), inside their home which is submerged by floodwaters at Sialmari village, about 327 kilometers south-west of Guwahati, capital of the north-eastern state of Assam. (AFP/Stringer )

Chinese firemen secure a giant panda trapped in a tree with a rope in Dujiangyan City in southwestern China’s Sichuan province July 16, 2005. A wild giant panda which wandered into a southwestern Chinese city on the weekend led would-be rescuers on a day-long chase before it was captured and returned to the wild, the China Daily reported on July 18. Picture taken July 16, 2005. (China Newsphoto/Reuters)

July 18: Taking position : Israeli police take position during a mass protest outside the Israeli town of Netivot, near the Gaza Strip. (AFP/Mladen Antonov)

July 18: Hot by the lake : A family enjoys a bath in the Parsteiner See lake in the federal state of Brandenburg, eastern Germany, during the sunset of a mild summer evening. (AFP/DDP/Theo Heimann)

July 21: Moscow moon : The golden crosses of the Novodevichy Monastery in Moscow are silhouetted against the full moon. (AFP/Maxim Marmur)

Nice to see. Look at some of the good. Will the chickenhawks sign up now? Will they approve of higher taxes so good soldiers and veterans can get what they need?

A US officer sits next to a boy who is deaf and mute as he shows off his computer skills in Najaf. The computers in the center were donated by the US military to the Hope or Amal organization(AFP/Qassem Zein)

Iraqi soldier CPT. Wsam Abdul Wahab, 24, receives treatment for his wounds after his wedding party was attacked by unknown gunmen killing his wife Saly Salam, 22, and wounding two others, Friday, July 22, 2005, in Baghdad, Iraq. Gunmen fired on the car carrying the newlyweds who were married on Wednesday and their families, killing the bride while wounding her mother, groom and driver in the southern Dora neighborhood, of Baghdad according to police and medical officials. At the time the image was made, Wahab did not know the fate of his wife.(AP Photo/Mohammed Uraibi)

July 20: At the parade : Members of the Colombian police parade during events marking the 195th anniversary of the country’s independence in Bogota. (AFP/Rodrigo Arangua)

Refugees try to recover after walking for several days to escape rebels and famine in Mozambique. Up to ten million people in six southern African countries could reach the same critical situation as those in Niger because of a shortage of aid, UN agencies said.(AFP/File/Alexander Joe)

July 21: Funeral in Srinagar : A Kashmiri Muslim woman watches the funeral of Muslim civilian, Bashir Ahmed Khan, in Srinagar. (AFP/Tauseef Mustafa)

Workers pile up sandbags around a water pumping station in the suburbs of Taipei on July 17. At least 15 people were reported dead and several missing in China and Taiwan in the aftermath of Typhoon Haitang.(AFP/File/Patrick Lin)

July 20: Turkish settler : A Turkish settler peers in between the flags of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus during celebrations of the 31st anniversary of the Turkish invasion. (AFP)

A malnourished child is being weighed upon his arrival at a Doctors Without Borders aid center in Maradi. Maradi is considered the epicenter of the food crisis produced by years of drought and compounded by last year’s invasion of desert locusts.(AFP/File/Issouf Sanogo)

July 21: East coast solo : Thomas Coville aboard the trimaran Sodebo after crossing the finish line at Ambrose Light, near the New York Harbor. Coville had just completed his solo trip from Miami to New York. (AFP/Don Emmert)

July 22: Families crowd a polio vaccination center in Bandung. The number of children affected by the crippling polio virus in an outbreak in Indonesia has risen to 155, the World Health Organisation said.(AFP/File/Banyu Sakti)


July 20: High love : Baby giraffe ‘Beate’ is caressed by an adult at the Serengeti-Park zoo in Hodenhagen, northern Germany. (AFP/DDP/David Hecker)

London bombing video and photos were all over the news, so I didn’t post anything here.

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