London police nearly emptied a clip,
Into a chap trying to give them the slip.
As more details emerge,
This instantaneous purge,
May rouse Brits from their political kip.

(seven more after the fold)
A stationary high pressure ridge,
Refuses to budge just a smidge,
Sends homeless to shelter,
To avoid deadly swelter,
While others stand in front of the fridge.

At a Northwestern Lacrosse Photo-Op,
Four brave women flipped an issue ker-plop,
Into Dear Leader’s lap,
While he wore his foolscap;
No need to flip if you’re merely a flop…

As they’re achieving a new constitution,
Ironically Bush’s “final solution”,
Don’t be taken aback,
If the people of Iraq,
Then insist that we pay restitution.

Mahmoud, I must say this to you,
I really like what you’re trying to do…
You gotta crack a few heads,
To end this bloodshed.”
“Why, Ms. Rice, you’re a militant, too?”

Peeling off in SUV’s from the pumps,
Is the latest from Republican frumps.
Will high gasoline prices,
Leave their party in slices,
Creating second generation Mugwumps?

Seems America is going to Mars!
The House votes to raise the crossbars.
We’re tired of his reigning,
He’s had fighter jock training,
Could we send W, one way, to the stars?

Latest news out of Redmond/Seattle,
In the ongoing PC OS battle.
Renamed as just “Vista”,
This latest ballista,
Should help Gates rustle more Windows cattle.

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