I spent about 20 minutes writing a comment on a diary entitled “What the hell happened to my party” by PeteyP. I checked back to read a few other diaries and cruise the Trib and the diary was deleted. I’m not sure if it was deleted by Mgt…or the author. I just want to state my opinion as someone who spent a good 20 minutes working on a comment in regards to Susanbohu’s (who I adore) comment and just an over all (long, very long) comment on my thoughts about the Democratic party/blogs/people/life. When people delete diaries I wish they would think about other people who have spent time, enery, creativity, emotion, and the fact that they even went to the dictionary and looked up how to spell some fucking words. It is NOT COOL TO DELETE DIARIES. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  

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