And people wonder why I am an atheist

I first published this at c u l t u r e k i t c h e n and over at DailyKos. I’ve been sloshing through the theocratic bile Rick Santorum calls his new book and after reading all the diaries and blogs listed, I’m just full of rage, disbelief and sorrow.

Hat tip to Mary Scott O’Connor.
God wanted these boys dead because they’re gay?

Daily Kos: Gay Teens Executed in Iran: Disturbing Pictures

God wanted this young woman dead because she dared to speak up?

Alas, a blog » Blog Archive » Last Year, Iran Executed a 16-year-old Girl

Did God need 25,000 dead Iraqis so he could liberate them?

My Way News | Group: 25,000 Civilian Deaths in Iraq

Did God want so many American “fly-papers” torn as terrorist bait?

IPA NY Voices That Must Be Heard | Number of Iraq casualties is double official figures, says Puerto Rican government

Daily Kos: THE WOUNDED: Stories & Pictures

Does God really want me to look the other way to spare me of her pain?

Why Few Graphic Images from Iraq Make it to U.S. Papers

Is this what we do, in the name of God?

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