One paragraph from the DLC’s newest article caught my eye.  Al From and Bruce Reed just have this so wrong.

They were just as wrong when they wanted to pursue military action in Iraq.  They are wrong today.

9/11 was not a military failure, it was failure of our government to protect us in a domestic way.  This is a long article, but one paragraph stands out.

We believe that the Sept. 11 attacks changed America forever, and defeating terrorism is the supreme military and moral mission of our time. To win the war on terror, America needs more troops and more friends. We believe that running the country deep into debt is economically dangerous and morally wrong. Economic and military might go hand in hand, and victory can only be assured when all Americans, including our political leaders, not just soldiers and taxpayers, sacrifice.

There are some thing I agree with it, but the emphasis on the military turns me off.  Another quote:

“We challenge Washington to increase America’s Armed Forces by 100,000 troops. Iraq isn’t the last war we’ll have to fight, and we need a bigger army. We need to challenge more Americans to serve, and give them the means to do so.

Our nation’s top colleges must no longer be allowed to shut their doors to military recruiters. It is wrong to shield America’s elites from the duties of freedom.”

Here is the link:

How America can win again

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