Suskind Goes Back To Work
World Keeps Spinning

The writer, Suskind, suffered through day five of a wretched mood, while the world kept spinning. “I don’t understand it, ” he said, “Polanski wins his defamation suit against Vanity Fair… Elaine Kaufman and Mia Farrow are two of his witnesses.. even though his testimony was taken via intercontinental communications… while I in my misery over lovelessness and crap recognition for crap writing can’t even manage a mention in the want ads…. Well, I can get my name in the paper there, but I have to pay for it.”

Only ten days ago I was made a feature writer, but when I went home to celebrate with the Loved One, I found the L.O. had flown the coop with no forwarding address. Since then I haven’t been able to eat, sleep or write at all. My warped sense of humor has taken a nose dive into the muck of swamplike depression, and all the happy people around me look like tellytubbies larking about in green valleys under too blue skies… (To Be Continued