The Klan lives in the White House today.  There is an element of our humanity that yearns to be part of a supreme entity.  Some of us achieve that by gathering together in small groups and inflicting pain on another.  This manifests in children as playing soldier, playing religious zealot, playing cowboys and Indians, playing cops and robbers, playing politics.  We think we have chosen as our leader a man whose idea of fun as a boy was to kill small animals in a spectacular way.  These are the children who grow into killers.  Under George’s leadership The United States has become the world’s largest exporter of weapons.  We have imprisoned the largest percentage of our population.  We send bands of people out across the globe to put on masks and snatch other people from their lives and give them plenty of pain.

There is another element of our society that takes its pleasure in creativity.  An artist serves society by creating beauty, or by reflecting back to us our true nature so we can understand each other.  

It was the German painting of a group of American soldiers beating an 8-year-old girl that inspired my vow to concentrate all my waking energy from now on to ridding my county of the virus that has infected it.

Like every American, I wish I could forget the suffering caused in my name, but that artist has touched me deeply, as has the blogger who showed me the painting.  I tried to believe we need the negative to balance the positive – yin/yang and all that.  But no more of that.  Now I see disease that needs to be eradicated.

This administration believes that they can hide the evidence of their despicable activities, but they forgot about that creative element in people that will always blossom when it must.  Sparks are flying!  We must all become tribunes and champion the cause of every victim of this disease of ours. Sing it with me – America the Formerly Beautiful.  God shed his grace on thee!    

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