Yeah, you heard me… fuck them both. Bill & Hill.

Fuck Bill because he made it fashionable for Democrats to abandon liberalism… his ‘centrist’ policies gave the Dems false hope that by appealing to the “middle” and moving rightward in security and economics somehow all those Bible-thumping, gun-toting, SUV driving meat heads that are further to the right of David Duke will all of a sudden say “Gee wilikers, that Hillary Clinton or Joe Lieberman sure would make a good President… way better choice than Bill Frist or John McCain.” Get real. All it does is give those who are not so far to the right the thought that “if liberal Hillary Clinton agrees with Frist then the Republican way of doing bidness must be the ONLY way to go.

So fuck Hillary for following in his footsteps.

I am sick to death of Vichy Dems collaborating with the neocons in the takeover of Democracy because they fear “alienating some voters”.

You know what that is right Hillary? It’s called cowardice. Or having no spine. Selling Out Democracy & 1/2 of the American’s who didn’t vote for Bush.

More rant on the flip.
Yeah, they’re talking a good game… form a vision, don’t just criticize… but ya know what the damn real problem is guys?

That you never, ever, actually, criticized Bush. Nope, never did. Danced around it. Toyed with it. But never actually came out and did it.

And you still won’t.

Some choice quotes from The Democratic Leadership Council’s two-day session in Columbus, Ohio, which opened yesterday… which was called, yup, you guessed it… “Heartland Values, Bold Solutions: An American Reform Agenda,”

Although polls show U.S. voters are increasingly wary about the direction of the country under Bush, “alarmingly, the president’s deep troubles have produced no rise in positive sentiment about Democrats,” Democratic consultant and former Bill Clinton campaign manager James Carville wrote in a July 6 memo to fellow Democrats.

Seriously? Are you really surprised Mr. Master Strategist? Here’s a tip… it might have something to do with Vichy Dems falling all over themselves to lick Bush’s boots after 9/11 and which continues to this day… why no positive sentiment… because in the majority of the public’s eyes… YOU ARE ONE AND THE SAME AS BUSH. You supported his policies. You didn’t call out his bullshit and lies. You didn’t stand for an alternative path. You didn’t speak with any other conviction then HIS.

So yeah, now you’re pretty well fucked.

That’s why Dems like Obama and Boxer and Conyers have risen in opinion polls while the Dem party as a whole has not. Go figure.

That will be $50k in consulting fees please.

“Rather than defending the status quo, which we seem to be pretty good at, we really ought to be articulating the case for reform,” Vilsack, the DLC chairman this year, said in an interview. “Our party has got to do a better job of defining itself, of branding itself, so our candidates are not at a disadvantage.”

See above… with an addendum… stop letting Feinstein & Lieberman & Clinton speak for the party and ONLY let Dean, Boxer, Gore & Obama speak for the party for a good year or two… then see what happens to your articulation and connection with the American public. I dare you.

“We all saw in the 2004 elections that a critique of your opponent is not enough,” said former Oklahoma Representative. Dave McCurdy of Oklahoma, a founding member of the DLC. “It’s obvious that to be competitive nationally you have to be able to be relevant to all parts of the country, as opposed to the two coasts and a few states in the upper Midwest.”

Oh no. Here we go again. Listen up. Democrats cannot win the South with the current redistricting. They can’t. It won’t happen. Especially since the DLC doesn’t give a shit about helping out minority voters in the South (or anywhere else in the fucking country) to actually get their votes counted. There I said it. Without ELECTION REFORM nothing matters. Not strategies, not wads of cash, not a better media, nothing. Those who control the voting machinery control the outcome. Plain and simple.

What would the election have looked like if all those problems hadn’t happened in OH or PA or FL last year? What if there weren’t 8 hour lines in Cleveland? Perhaps the Electoral College would have swung and Kerry would be president. You never know. But the fact that we don’t know and still no one complained tells me all I need to know about the DLC and the appeasement Dems.

Where was the courage? Where was the outrage? Where was the concern for the 48 million people who didn’t vote for Bush? Why should I give a shit about the Dems now? Seriously. I’d still vote for them alright since I understand the ramifications of keeping Bush in office, but why should I have positive feelings about people who sold millions of American’s out? And if I feel this way, imagine those people who don’t follow politics as much as I do or know just how bad Bush is

Right. Another $50k please James.

Let’s make a deal here Hillary et al (and I do apologize for picking on you Hill, but it’s just too hard not to, I had such high hopes for you)…

You stop being court jesters and I’ll start thinking of you positively. Until then I’m only paying attention to Dean, Boxer, Conyers, Slaughter et al. You know, the guys who care.


Quotes from: Bloomberg – Democratic Centrists Plot Path to Counter Republican Dominance

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