This has got to be the lamest “Grudge Match” ever…

NDN/NPI folks in an ideologic battle with the DLC.. that is kinda like Farwell and Dobson battling out their ideological differences… if they could find one.

Don’t believe the hype they are both the same shit.
Simon Rosenberg, the former field director for the DLC who directs the New Democrat Network, a spin-off political action committee, says, “We’re trying to raise money to help them lessen their reliance on traditional interest groups in the Democratic Party. In that way,” he adds, “they are ideologically freed, frankly, from taking positions that make it difficult for Democrats to win.”

So I guess Simon mean to nasty single issue groups that keep getting smeared on some blogs.

Simon Rosenberg’s newest DLC remix

the new group will study what the rise of the conservative movement, anticipated demographic changes in the country and the “post-broadcasting” world of new media mean for Democrats’ hopes of winning elections.

In other words how they can force the party to accept icky wingnut issues and creating a more aimiable tent by silencing the more liberal Dems, pander to Hispanics supposedly because they are Catholic means that they are conservative… (I guess they don’t need jobs or healthcare) and create a new class of politcal online consulatants who will “direct” the online sentiment.

NDN/NPI is just an online version of the DLC.