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Deval Patrick’s latest interview with an MA political blogger is at Left in Lowell.
Patrick’s summer blog blitz in many ways epitomizes his blend of traditional and innovative approaches to politics and public policy. He is campaigning, but he is actually having conversations with people. “… [B]ringing the bloggers into this conversation is key,” Patrick said. “There are lots of new ways that people have of talking with each other, not just talking at each other.”  

Lynne says that like other bloggers who have interviewed Patrick, she plans to contact Tom Reilly and William Galvin, Patrick’s ostensible rivals for the Democratic nomination for governor. And she plans to talk to local politicians and elected officials as well.

Here is the quote that Lynne highlights from her Patrick interview:

“….The way in which we have to rebuild our sense of community, in neighborhoods in cities and towns across the state…has got to be top of the mind for anybody who’s serious about leading this state, because much of the leadership we have had has helped this notion penetrate that we, each of us, is in this on his or her own. And that’s wrong. You know, personal responsibility includes shared responsibility, and we haven’t had leadership in my view for too long now that is willing to call up the question of what shared responsibility entails, and I think it’s time for that. And that is not a platitude, that has something to do with how we practically live our lives, and how we practically make public policy decisions…. So I’m trying to bring that theme forward not just not for purposes of the campaign, but to help alert people to the way I want to govern. And why it’s so important that we govern differently.”

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