Get your message out to an elusive illusive political audience:

“The people that don’t care about politics.”

I was reading Steven D‘s diary on the Jessica Simpson fallout from her TV special and one thing that struck me is this part:

No what I find surprising, and heartening, is that a media created celebrity such as Simpson, whose career literally rests (in my opinion) on continuing to be the 21st Century’s first “It Girl” has chosen to speak out about the censorship.  She was in Iraq, saw the violence and risk our troops are being exposed to on a daily basis, and believes that’s the type of thing Americans would want (and ought) to see.  I don’t know about you, but Jessica just won over a new fan.  

I hope this story gets a little play. It certainly ought to, don’t you think?

Yes! We all hope it gets ALOT OF PLAY.

But would you like to get more play on YOUR BLOG?

Click on…
One great way to get your hits up on your blog? When you have a pic of bush doing something really stupid that you plan on using in your Blog (or any pic of any political person?), instead of calling the photo “bush.jpg”, call it “jessicasimpson.jpg” or “angelinajolie.jpg” or “nakedtwins.gif”… I guarentee you will get a lot more traffic on your Blog.

I have tested it for fun, and I know it works. It also just might get someone that wouldn’t read your political blog to actually do that for a change.  You can usually go to google and look at what keywords are in the top ten searches for any given time… Use those words. (More often than not they include a few “it girls” of the moment.)

Another way is just to work other popular keywords into the actual story or title. It is not too hard if you are creative enough. Because of all of the keywords in this diary (down vvv there) it will be nearly impossible for me to have not drawn more readers to the Booman Tribune.  People that would normally never stop at a political Blog. I am sure anyone would like this extra exposure. (You can thank me later…)

Someone somewhere will click on the link that leads to this story after they search any of the many keywords listed below.

Sneaky? Yes it is! But it does work. Certainly not illegal, but very sneaky.

An example of this weeks/months hot search keywords for google taken from:

Top 10 Gaining Queries
Week of July 25, 2005

     1.    nicole narain
     2.    pamela anderson and tommy lee
     3.    emma watson
     4.    colin farrell
     5.    mega millions
     6.    john roberts
     7.    laguna beach
     8.    courtney love
     9.    sienna miller
   10.    edith clement

 Google Image Search Queries

Popular Heroes
June 2005

     1.    batman
     2.    harry potter
     3.    anakin
     4.    yoda
     5.    spiderman

Starts With “J”
June 2005

jessica simpson    
jessica alba    
jennifer lopez    
jesse mccartney    
jennifer aniston    

Searches in June  

Hot Cars
June 2005


Searches in June  

Popular Men in Music
June 2005

     1.    50 cent
     2.    eminem
     3.    michael jackson
     4.    jesse mccartney
     5.    linkin park

Any of those key words will increase hits on your pages today… Almost guarenteed. Find a way to work them into your blog! And watch your hits go up.

Next week go back to that same Google/Zeitgeist and check out the new latest search trends, and use those words. It always changes.

There are also yahoo! keyword tracker sites, News keyword tracker sites, etc.. They are all tools that bring up the hits on your political blogs if used properly.

I know that this is just some useless info for some, since I know that many “computer geek nerds” (like myself) build their sites around keywords. BUT they are words of wisdom to others.

Zeitgeist Explained
zeit·geist | Pronunciation: ‘tsIt-“gIst, ‘zIt | Function: noun | Etymology: German, from Zeit (time) + Geist (spirit) | Date: 1884 | Meaning: the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era

Taken from Merriam Webster

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