No, not YOU guys… THOSE guys.

Encouraged as I am by Ms. Pelosi’s threat of sanction against the Vichy 15, I wish to put on notice all the spineless, capitulating, groveling, sniveling so-called Democrats: BE DEMOCRATS, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES.

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I want to fire them ALL. But that would leave, what, seventeen unscathed Democrats in Congress after the purge? How fucking depressing. This whole situation is scandalous and pathetic. We have no Party. We have a loosely knit group of politicians suffering from Battered Wife Syndrome who meet every once in a while to buck each other up so they can go crawling back to the House for another round with their abusers.

I am so goddamned disgusted with Nelson and Lieberman and Landrieu and Biden (to say nothing of the 15) and… jesus, is there a single Democrat with whom I am NOT disgusted? Well, yeah. There have been some signs of spine: Boxer, Conyers, Slaughter, Pelosi on occasion… yeah. I ran out, there. I’m sure there are more. Feingold? Okay, fine, Feingold – he may be of sterling liberal character – but I sure as hell don’t hear him talking much.

It’s easy for me to vilify Lieberman and Landrieu and Nelson. They’re obvious. But Biden? That smooth talker? Yeah – Mr. MBNA. It’s clear to me that Joe Biden IS a liberal, at least in his heart. But it’s not enough to BE a liberal – you have to fucking ACT like it. Biden’s vote on the Bankruptcy Bill shut him off forever from the sunlight of my approval, that’s for fucking sure.

It’s taking me time to come to terms with the fact that neither  John Kerry nor Howard Dean nor Barbara Boxer –in fact, that no Democrat on the radar right now is the Saviour of Democracy and America that I hoped there would be. Because to save the world and the country and the Democratic Party will take the one thing, in mass quantities, that seems to be missing from most Democrats’s characters: Motherfucking COURAGE. Dean and Gore have it; but so far, I haven’t seen them take the national stage and command an audience the way it MUST if this long, national nightmare is to be dispelled.

Frankly, what we need is MORE impolitic behaviour from our Democrats, not less. FUCK the apologies, goddamnit.

THE GODDAMNED WORLD IS COMING TO AN END. When, exactly, will it be acceptable to start SCREAMING YOUR HEAD OFF ABOUT IT? When, exactly, will the elected members of the Democratic Party stop acting as if the future of their individual political lives is more important than the future of the WHOLE CIVILIZED WORLD?

WHY is there not a unified voice coming from the Democratic Party, proclaiming loudly and clearly that George W. Bush and his Administration are RUINING THE WORLD? WHY is there not an outright WAR going on in the House and the Senate? Why is the first refuge of our elected Democrats always CONCESSION and bullshit BIPARTISANSHIP? POLITESSE? DIPLOMACY?

 FUCK DIPLOMACY. For the love of motherfucking GOD, people, the Republicans have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in bipartisanship. What they want is to eradicate the concept of opposition. What they want is Republicans and RepublicansLite. Whipping boys. And THEY HAVE IT.

I feel a wee bit o’ fire in the belly as I write this. I don’t have any answers, but BOY OH BOY, there had better be some forthcoming from the so-called Democratic powers that be. Of myself, I may be a powerless being, but I am part of a rapidly growing entity that is Really Fucking Sick of Being Sold Down the Fucking River By Its Own Party.

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