If the fact that 225 People have more wealth than 3 billion poor people combined doesn’t open your eyes and make you question How can that be?..(pg.72)

If you are concerned that we seem to be devolving instead of evolving..

If the corruption side of the Bushco concerns you so should this:

Corruption comes in many forms, including corruption of the conscience, of the mind and of the will. It’s the last that is the most devastating.
Most corruption is not placed into the world by what people do, but by what they do not do. To do nothing is to do everything. Saying nothing is saying yes. No has to be spoken. (pg. 215)


When was the last time you read a dangerous book?
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We need new thought, new group conscience, and a shift in energies.

This book really explains why the religions of the world have hurt more people than helped. Why the populace blindly follows and why the world is spiraling downward right now.
It also gives us the answer.

There is hope. Please buy and read What God Wants by Neale Donald Walsch.

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