And it’s definitely good news. “Group huggish”, even. Posted by Krum, aka Stuart, in his Daily Kos diary:

Thursday night at 10:30 pm I received a phone call from Lizzie’s mother, Berta, who informed me that Lizzie had been found and is safe. She is currently staying at her stepfather’s house in San Francisco.

Heartwarming, blogosphere-done-good stuff below the fold.

The most awesome thing is that the Officer recognized Lizzie from a flyer that he had seen, a flyer that had to have been placed by a Kossack! I have to say that you have all really made a difference!

I felt a little embarrassed the other day that the story of my daughter’s disappearance was receiving so much attention, but it also cemented the realization that there are a lot of good folks out there. I have to tell you that the responses, the advice, the offers of assistance, and the support that we received deeply touched everyone who knows and loves Lizzie.

I have been in touch with many of you offline, and am sorry that I haven’t replied personally to everyone, but the response was overwhelming. There were so many warm sentiments, sensible suggestions, and offers of help, and it is just so wonderful to know that this effort makes a difference.

Like many of you I have grown cynical and a tad irritated over the cruel antics I have witnessed over past few years, and in many ways for this very reason I have somewhat lost touch with my own humanity. (isn’t it ironic?) Sometimes I feel like I’m fighting windmills and I forget to nurture and listen to the very ones that I am committed to. When struggle produces only alienation and separation, something is out of balance. I yam that I yam, and I will continue to voice my opinions and fight for what I believe in, but not without considering first the effect that my actions have on those that I love. This week I feel that the circle of those that I love has widened immensely.

At the risk of sounding a bit “group-huggish”, I must say that I will never forget your responses. I was holding my self so in check by Thursday that I felt like a piece of granite. When I saw MaryScott’s diary that morning, I suddenly began to cry uncontrollably. Whatever you wish to call it, it is love that spurns one to take an such an interest in the welfare of another human being. And in my book, that makes each and every one of you so much richer!

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