The shrublet must have grown up in a very different America from the one we thought we were living in.  The one where other people had rights too, where law was law, and where trangressors of the law would be punished, no matter who they – or their parents – were.  The mini-bush must have absorbed some sense of “noblesse immunité” at his father’s knee.

As a small boy, W threw a baseball through an ailing, elderly neighbor’s window and his father was agog with admiration for his throwing arm.  As a small man, we witness his willingness to submit the powerless to unending abuse, in the name of his own overweening “superiority.”  Bush as God – not the redeemer, but the destroyer – the destroyer of all “lesser” beings.

George H.W. Bush – he of dark connections and immunities – has contaminated this nation:  with perversion, with murder and with evil designs on power for its own sake.  His father taught him well by supporting fascist movements in Europe and profiting by them.    We are seeing the poisonous spawn of this cynical, godless philosophy now.

This shrunken individual, this “W,” is a “personage” without a persona, an empty shell, an automaton when we are desperately in need of a human being.  The Bush clan saw to the elimination of humanity within their ranks.  Now…can we, real humanity, eliminate the robotic Bushies without needless bloodshed?

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