Amy Goodman, per usual, sums up the story well in her headlines segment this morning:

Ex-CIA Officer Sues Agency For Firing Him Over Iraq WMD Claims

[A] former CIA officer has sued the agency claiming that he was wrongly fired for questioning the agency’s view that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. In 2001 — a year before the Iraq invasion — the officer reported that an informant told him that Iraq had abandoned its uranium enrichment program. However, the CIA officer charges that the agency never shared the information with other agencies or with senior policy makers.

The officer — who had worked for 20 years at the agency — was fired last year. His attorney compared his case to that of Valerie Plame. …

The former CIA agent’s lawyer, Roy Krieger, said, “In both cases, officials brought unwelcome information on W.M.D. in the period prior to the Iraq invasion, and retribution followed.”

“Spy’s Notes on Iraqi Aims Were Shelved, Suit Says,” in today’s NYT, reports that “the former officer says that he learned in 2003 that he was the subject of a counterintelligence investigation and accused of having sex with a female contact, a charge he denies … [then] the agency’s inspector general’s office informed him that he was under investigation for diverting to his own use money earmarked for payments to informants (which he also denies].

I think the phrase is “getting even.”

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