The online publication of the oldest Bible in the world, from the bloody 4th century when the modern christians massacred their competition, the Gnostics, who preceded them will help along a major historic realignment of the story of Jesus… this publication, to occur in the next few years, will include the outlawed Apocryphal gospels (much to the chagrine of the American Taliban and Fascists Intl. I am quite sure):

The Codex is an iconic and historic document which dates from the period when the Roman Empire split and the Emperor Constantine, who ruled the Eastern Empire, adopted Christianity. Greek heritage dominated this Empire and the Codex was produced in response to the wish to gather together Greek versions of the principal Jewish and Christian scriptures. It is the earliest surviving book to encompass in one volume the great wealth of texts that have come to be recognised as forming the Christian Bible. It marks a dramatic shift from a culture in which texts were transmitted in scrolls to the bound book.  <snip>.

We will see a scholar-based race to unveil the actual history of Jesus and the movement that he lead as more and more incontrovertible proof hits the world stage…

Flash history:  Many of the original christian documents were outlawed, including the Apocrypha, some of which includes Gnostic writings which predated even the apostolic writings of the modern New Testament (and so were thus a more accurate reflection of Jesus’ actual era)… Just read up on Saint Stephen, who said “the most High dwelleth not in houses made by hands” and that “Jesus of Nazareth shall destroy this place [the temple], and shall change the traditions which Moses delivered unto us,” this exposed right in the current, highly-edited “Bible” .. just read about the murdered Stephen, by American Taliban nutjobs, for proof of the downplayed rebel movement against government tyranny that has been suppressed by the martyr-, crucifixion- obsessed “church” all these centuries..

This emerging alternate history of Jesus, one that has Jesus a champion of women as well as of the poor, was buried, albeit not very successfully (see above Stephen quotes) in the current highly edited martyr-obsessed, “orthodox” version of events as gnostic scholar Elaine Pagels calls the murderous post-Nicene thugs

…so, bluster and failed imperialism aside, people everywhere can rest assured that the Jerry Falwells and the “Family” Research Council freak cult sects as well as the Catholic, Hannity breed of fascist cult sects have a RUDE AWAKENING coming, in the form of the TRUTH.  

The true story of Jesus will be solidifying in the next decade and it will be a much different picture than what the great Council of Nicea Texas-chainsaw-massacre editors did to this story of the greatest champion of the poor that ever walked the earth…

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