With a new Saudi king in control,
Who will need to get crooks off the dole,
Withstand princely potshots,
And stop terrorist plots,
`Twill be interesting to see if heads roll.

(six more after the fold)
It’s D-Day in the Hackett/Schmidt battle,
True leader versus Republican chattel.
Today Ohioans will be,
`Bout the future they see;
Progressive vision or Right-winger prattle.

John Bolton now pushes the agenda,
Of the disreputable Bush hacienda.
There’s no misconstruin’,
He’s a jack-booted shoe-in;
For whom Georgie will need lots of Splenda.

With the hopes that the doctors start flocking,
To the devices their company was hawking,
Guidant’s re-approved,
Through swift FDA move.
Defibrillator stocks rise… simply shocking…

Seems Dubya either will or won’t go,
With others in funerary tow,
He’s waiting, we s’pose,
For a flick to his nose,
Or what the poll he doesn’t believe in will show.

In London the tubes have been cleaned,
Supposedly all clues have been gleaned,
Now they’ll all hope and pray,
A ballistical spray’s,
Not the way that all passengers are screened.

Every summer you hear stories of “Jaws”,
Which give surfers and swimmers much pause.
But here now comes a story,
Which was fortunately not gory,
Where the culprit had flippers/paws!