In Toronto, there’ll be many a deduction,
As all hands avoided total destruction.
Was air disaster averted,
Because nobody flirted,
Instead listened to pre-flight instructions?

(six more after the fold)
An American journalist executed in Iraq,
Steven Vincent always worked round the clock.
His writings from Basra,
Of Sunni-Shi’ite miasma,
Now adds meaning to the term of “deadlock”.

Adidas, whom David Beckham endorses,
Will buy Reebok, combining resources.
They’re hoping to squish,
The trademark Nike swish,
Declaring war on our country’s Air Forces.

They’re resuming atomic ambitions,
And refusing international petitions.
Iran won’t depart,
From the nuclear fuel part,
Risking American atomic munitions.

Seven Marines were killed west of Baghdad,
By insurgents in the Sunni triad.
Whoever says this is waning,
Should be subject to caning!
Can’t Americans see they’ve been had?!?

Bush can’t see that it’s oranges and apples,
Sees no difference; laboratories and chapels,
Wants to make it all grapes,
This President of the Apes.
“He’s bananas!” we exclaim as we grapple.

Sandra Bullock went back home to Vermont,
To help her sister, a gourmet bon vivant.
She left behind husband Jesse,
Maybe thought `twould be messy,
Motor oil as a glaze on croissants…

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