I am getting rather suspicious of Democracy Corps polling, and the statements often made by its founders, Carville, Shrum, and Greenberg.  
Democracy Corps

I am going to post portions of an article from News Max today (and yes, I know it is right wing propaganda).  However, they have pulled this stuff quite often,appearing to be  undermining the party at unexpected times. I have a feeling this post won’t go very well with some, but I am just thinking out loud.

Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2005 5:08 p.m. EDT
Democratic Pollster: We Don’t Stand for Anything

Democratic Party pollster Stan Greenberg said Wednesday that “one of the biggest doubts about Democrats is that they don’t stand for anything.”

During a conference call with reporters, Greenberg said Democrats deal with “the same doubts they had about John Kerry” – the party’s 2004 presidential nominee. The issue arose as Greenberg discussed what Democrats need to do to stop Republican gains among Hispanic voters.

Greenberg’s comment come as Democratic leaders, including party Chairman Howard Dean, say they are trying to do a better job of telling voters who they are.

“Not that we need to change what we believe in, but need to do a better job of communicating what we believe in,” said Karen Finney, a Democratic Party spokeswoman.”

Well, can you guess where Howard Dean is heading after Atlanta?  He is heading to San Antonio for the Hispanic Leadership Summit.   Seems this Shrum/Carville/ Greenberg group often let out stuff like this.   Right after Dean started as chair, they began this mantra of the Democrats don’t stand for anything.  

Ok, so I thought maybe it was just me and some paranoid thoughts, so I did a little bit of researching.  I found this interesting bit from November last year by Arianna Huffington.  I would love to say “great minds”, but I am so out of her league.  Anyway, here is what she said:
Are Clintonites – Shrum, Greenberg and Carville – leading us in the wrong direction?

Carville and his fellow architects of the Democratic defeat have spent the last week defending their campaign strategy, culminating on Monday morning with a breakfast for an elite corps of Washington reporters. At the breakfast, Carville, together with chief campaign strategist Bob Shrum and pollster Stan Greenberg, seemed intent on one thing — salvaging their reputations.

They blamed the public for not responding to John Kerry’s message on the economy, and they blamed the news media for distracting voters from this critical message with headlines from that pesky war in Iraq.

But shouldn’t it have been obvious that Iraq and the war on terror were the real story of this campaign? Only these Washington insiders, stuck in an anachronistic 1990s mind-set and refighting the ’92 election, could think that the economy would be the driving factor in a post-9/11 world with Iraq in flames. That the campaign’s leadership failed to recognize that it was no longer “the economy, stupid” was the tragic flaw of the race.

In conversations with Kerry insiders over the past nine months, I’ve heard a recurring theme: that it was Shrum and the Clintonistas (including Greenberg, Carville and senior advisor Joe Lockhart) who dominated the campaign in the last two months and who were convinced that this election was going to be won on domestic issues like jobs and healthcare, and not on national security.

As Tom Vallely, the Vietnam War veteran whom Kerry tapped to lead the response to the Swift boat attacks, told me: “I kept telling Shrum that before you walk through the economy door, you’re going to have to walk through the terrorism/Iraq door. But, unfortunately, the Clinton team, though technically skillful, could not see reality — they could only see their version of reality. And that was always about pivoting to domestic issues.”

Vallely, together with Kerry’s brother, Cam, and David Thorne, the senator’s closest friend and former brother-in-law, created the “Truth and Trust Team.” This informal group within the campaign pushed at every turn to aggressively take on President Bush’s greatest claim: his leadership on the war on terror.

There is more thought-provoking info at the link.    This is thinking out loud stuff.   I also often think out loud about Carville’s remarks on Crossfire often when he undermined Democrats.   I know this is a controversial topic, but it is something to think about.   We have Howard Dean being told not to set issues….hard for him since he is an issue type guy.  We have no one really setting issues yet.  

The DNC fall meeting in Phoenix is supposed to be about the agenda in part.   But the other day, Hillary joined up with the DLC, who is going to set the agenda for us.

Meanwhile, Howard heads to San Antonio where he will probably be asked to speak on why the Democrats don’t have any values.  The problem is that we do. We have lots of values.   So I ask why did Greenberg do this right now?  I don’t expect an answer.

A couple of notes:

I did not post the link to NewsMax because I don’t like to do that.  

Also, it sounds like the above-mentioned guys are concentrating on “values” to keep us from questioning the war. They would prefer we not go there.  

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