Okay. I’m back from a long night of politicking and consuming free beer. We had a meetup at the Yards Brewery, which is both a brewery and a decrepit semi-abandoned factory in a bad part of town.

We listened to 5 Democratic contenders pitch their candidacies for the four GOP owned seats they are contending for. And we drank free beer. Did I mention that the beer was free. Anyway, I met some of the candidates and I chatted them up and told them how they should quit playing pattycake and post some diaries at BooTrib if they ever want to get anywhere in this world.

I also met Delaware Dem, who I have known for a long time from DailyKos. And I had a lot of fun.

We will be working hard to build our Pennsylvania insurgency and we have some solid candidates. Personally, as I was telling Cicero on the subway home, now that I have turned 35 I think I should just run for President myself and stop relying on losers to represent my dead-on super intelligent positions.

Cicero didn’t think my checkered past of drug abuse and binge drinking should be an obstacle after the precedent Bush has laid out. I half agreed, as I belched loudly and asked where the after hours bar was.

Fuck it, when you’ve sucked in the aphrodisiac of Democratic activism no obstacle seems too large. That is, until you wake up the next morning with cottonmouth, and a super duper headache.

So, what did you all do tonight?

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