The editors at The Whispering Campaign have been busy adding to our menu. Among our most recent additions is a three-part series from Juan Cole’s excellent essay on the history of the “War on Terror”:

Radical Republicans Created Vast Terrorist Network,
Reagan Armed Radical Muslims; Bush Alienated Them and
The Bizarre Set Of Actions Called ‘The War On Terror’

We’ve added the following pieces as well:

May God Forgive Us For Our Apathy by Cindy Sheehan
We Won’t Be Coming Home For A Long Time by John Bruhns
Iraq Vet: Bush Statements ‘Not Credible’ by John Bruhns
Innocent Civilians Killed By U.S. Troops by Richard C. Paddock
Piling Lies On Top Of Lies by Molly Ivins

As always, we thank our friends here at BT who have been printing, copying and distributing the articles we have posted. If you haven’t yet joined them, please consider doing so. Sharing real journalism with your friends and neighbors has never been easier.

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