Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome, c’mon in” ~ Lily Von Shtupp (Madeline Kahn – one of the brightest stars that left the sky far too soon)
Froggy Bottom Café is open and will remain open till they kick us out into the streets or until Bush, Inc’s Rapture occurs – which ever takes place first. Until then, enjoy, relax, laugh and vent.

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Beach Hammock: The tag says, “One size fits all.” So… EVERYONE, climb aboard!  

Summertime Friday’s can be rather hectic around here at the Damn House and I haven’t waited on tables since high school. Due to my `tude and inability to be organized at anything, I sucked at it then and I’m sure I’d suck at it now. I thought about calling it “Freedom Friday” but then (ahem) thought better of it. So today is…
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The Upside to Self Service – Gelateria Chatteria!
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But don’t think, dear ones, that I’m abandoning you.  I’m sure that my two co-hosts, Mack and Jake, will take care of all your needs and they don’t require a tip or a “4” – a simple “Good Boy” or a shared slurp of whatever you’re drinking today will suffice.  Just don’t toss them any grapes… this really really pisses off Jake.  However, they might have their paws full by caring for the Café’s Outdoor 5 Star Spa. We do have our bennies here in the Grand Ole Pond. (Ummm … That is if they quit fighting over who gets to hold the hose first.)
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If you’re missing a flip flop at the end of the day… my money says it’s Mack’s fault.  He’s been known to eat garbage and seems to have a flip flop foam fetish.  

Hope everyone has an incredible Friday. One that is filled with hope, dreams, laughter and… and… damnit Jake let Mack take a turn with the hose. I swear to Gawd you two are gonna’ make me go grey before my time… I mean it you two! Knock. It. Off!  What? NO!  You can not get out the bottle of bubble bath. … uh… as I was saying – Jake and Mack will take goooood care of you wonderful peeps.

It’s only 3 a.m. in the Wine Country. Now, excuse me while I kiss the sky.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power – the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix

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