This is not an Air America Radio/Pacifica/local progressive talk affiliate diary. Please focus on the topic of this diary.

I’ve long hoped for an online progressive radio network (with mostly original content, maybe with Democracy Now, Counterspin, and other important shows) with current commentary, live shows, and coverage; not as commercial as Air America is, but rather grassroots funded for the bandwidth it would use.  I’m aware of Raw Radio (part of, but that’s just one show a week. I mean a solid online streaming radio station. With as few ads as possible. (And NO, I’m NOT suggesting we stream Randi Rhodes, Al Franken, the Majority Report or Mike Malloy and other Air America hosts. They have their own network; more power to them. I’m talking about US doing it. WE the progressive movement being involved. THE GRASSROOTS. The people that start live diaries about an important vote; the people who help raise boatloads of money for candidates like Paul Hackett. Doing where we’ve done it best – ONLINE. ON THE “INTERNETS”. )

Heck, you could even have your own radio show. It could be news, talk, debate, whatever you wish.  Cindy Sheehan deserves her own damn radio show on it.

But so could many of our other top diarists, or anyone really that wished to apply to be a host

Realize how many right-wing outlets are available. Heck, didn’t Jeff Gannon/James Guckert have a radio show at some online Republican radio network and when he was revealed to be a gay male prostitute/fake White House Reporter, a substitue host filled in on his radio show? Does he still work there?

I don’t have the bandwidth for an online radio station. I don’t think one person does, especially if we got as many listeners as site members, but you can do a station easily with something like SHOUTCast.

Imagine having live coverage of important events, like the march that took place in Atlanta, or heck, Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, TX: with ‘reporters’ for the online radio network on the ground and in correspondence.

Did you hear any of the Atlanta march or Cindy Sheehan on Air America this weekend? Did you hear it on Pacifica Radio? I didn’t.

I just think it needs to be something discussed.

What do you think? I’d like some serious discussion on the topic. I think it would be a GREAT way to grow and organize even more so.

Please don’t use this diary to say how much you love or hate Randi Rhodes, or Jerry Springer, Stephanie Miller, or any other Air America host or Air America affiliate, or how you just got a new affiliate where you are or how you don’t get it. There are plenty of previous diaries on Air America or you can start your own. This is not what that diary is about, and it’s off topic. They aren’t going to be on the online station; heck such a station couldn’t even freely use their show without running their commercials, and they already have their outlet anyway.  They’re a business. I want this to be a free (supported by donations) online radio station run by the GRASSROOTS..the people…YOU. But please don’t use this diary to say how much you love/hate an Air America host or liberal radio host on the AM airwaves. This is about ONLINE GRASSROOTS RADIO for Democrats/progressives. The right wing obviously has many echo chambers, including online radio. There are more than one, I just tend not to visit their sites because they are crazy! We don’t have to be!

Not necessarily silly content at all. I think DemsTV is a bit silly, personally. Not a game show. Serious (and sometimes entertaining, sure, but mostly serious) REAL news, not about some missing girl over and over in Aruba.

If you really like the idea, you can use this thread to organize.

Finally, I thought I’d let you all know of a radio show that is produced online. It’s called “Talk Nation” at and the 8-3-05 episode features John Bonifaz. It’s a 30 minute show and if you remember John, he was in the Downing Street memos forum held by Congressman Conyers. He talks about the memos, a little about the CIA leak/Novak/Rove thing, and impeachment.

Click here to hear/download.

(Please recommend if you feel this is a good idea; vote in the poll and provide your comments and services if you’re interested in seeing it happen. I don’t feel I can lead such an effort, although I’d be happy to provide input, but SOMEONE here can stand up and be a leader.)