When I took the BooMan for his walk this evening, I had quite a shock. I turned the corner from my block and saw a bunch of television trucks with satellites. I saw a huge congregation of people and balloons everywhere.

At first I thought it was some kind of celebration. But the truth was much sadder. There was a shooting last night at around 12:30. Two of my neighbors were injured and an 18 year old girl was killed. I knew the young woman. She frequently sat on her porch in the evenings and she liked to say ‘hello’ and talk to my dog. Her name was Angel, and she was an innocent bystander.

Her next door neighbors are Asian (I’m not sure what their nationality is). They also liked to spend a lot of time on their porch in the evenings, and they were pretty blatant about smoking weed, and dealing with the occasional pothead who showed up looking to score. In spite of this, they were friendly and often said ‘hello’ and commented about how huge the BooMan is.

Sometime around 12:30 last night, five or six Asian kids walked up the block and opened fire with semiautomatic weapons. I’m not sure of all the details, but they hit two of the men on their porch (these men escaped and are not in critical condition) and they hit Angel. They may have executed her afterwards because she was a witness.

So far, they have made no arrests. Needless to say, this is a tragedy for the family, and it is also a little alarming for this to happen in my neighborhood.

I asked my wife if she heard anything last night, and it turns out she did. She actually jumped out of bed and ran into an interior hallway. I was up blogging and heard nothing.

I hope they catch the irresponsible sociopaths that committed this crime. I don’t like the idea of them running loose.

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