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Last Monday KTVU, a local Bay Area California news station, interviewed Cindy Sheehan. To be honest I was stunned.

KTVU is known for being the station that ran stories on Scott Peterson EVERY DAY for 18 months straight.

KTVU continues to cover the Runaway Bride. I wasn’t shocked at all.

I got up and turned their “news” on to see if there was any word on Cindy Sheehan and the other mothers who are seeking answers from the “president” who embraces bombs but is afraid of moms.

I called KTVU at 510-874-0242 this morning at 6 after seeing yet ANOTHER story about the Runaway Bride – seems she’s mowing lawns for community service… and asked why they deemed that more important “news” than a mother from California laying in a ditch in Crawford.

The man who answered, no name was given, replied that KTVU did her story last Monday. I said she was still down there and that Bush was still ignoring. He again told me that they had already done her story. I said they had just run the Runaway Bride again. I stated that it is really sad that Americans and military families must turn to Canadian news and the internet to get American updates on meaningful matters and to find out about the war.

He stated, “well if that’s what you feel you must do – then do it.” and hung up.

Now I know that KTVU doesn’t care at all for military families

Cindy Sheehan on KTVU – ONCE
Runaway Bride – ad infinitum

Gee, they’re kinda like Bush aren’t they? Will meet with anyone BUT the people who matter. They already spoke to her once – what more does she or we want??

So feel free to let the Runaway Bride updaters know where you will get your news from OR where their “news” should go. It’s a shame that KTVU and other stations feel that the Runaway Bride has any impact on our lives whatsoever. That they’ll resort to fluff pieces while a mother of a dead child is being ignored.  


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