Thanks to everyone who has been visiting The Whispering Campaign and printing articles for distribution. We hope you will keep doing it … and that’s why we’ve been working so hard [and yes! it’s hard work!!] 😉 to prepare another set of articles…

Some of the new titles concern Cindy Sheehan, and we will continue to focus on her as she leads the growing anti-war movement in Crawford. Other articles pertain to the things we always deal with: powerful nuggets of truth to counter the lies, mostly.

Let’s cut to the chase: here are our newest titles:

A Lie of Historic Proportions by Cindy Sheehan
Military Families to Join Cindy Sheehan in Crawford from U.S. NewsWire

This Is About Who WE Are by Joseph L. Galloway
Gloom Is Deeper In Baghdad Now by Patrick Cockburn
Iraqi Soldiers Afraid To Leave Their Base from ABC News of Australia
US Knew Iraqi Weapons Had Been Destroyed by Deep Blade
The Danger Of Depleted Uranium In Weapons from

In case you aren’t familiar with our site, all our articles are condensed versions of longer pieces. We put them in a large bold font [so they will be easy to read] and edit them down to a single page [so they will be easy to copy], and we post them in such a way that you can print them with a single click. We urge our readers to print their favorite pages, make copies, and distribute them quietly by leaving them in public places, where others will find them and read them.

According to the feedback we’ve been getting, some of the most effective spots are coffee shops, bus stops and fast food outlets. As one of our correspondents put it:

Watching somebody pick up an article and read it is much more rewarding than arguing with 17-year-old trolls online.

We have to agree with him on that one!!

We extend special thanks to those who have been helping us to spread the word. We need all the help we can get, and we appreciate all of it … even if we can’t quite bring ourselves to agree with the author of this post, which says we’ve got “the best site ever”. That’s going just a bit too far, we think. But we do appreciate the support — and the compliment!

If you believe, as we do, that education is the key to getting our country out of this mess, please consider posting links to our site on other blogs, as you do your daily rounds. It’s an easy way for YOU to make a BIG difference.

Ignoring the mass media is not enough. We have to do their jobs for them. Fortunately, Being The Media has never been easier. Or more fun. And that’s why we keep saying:

The Whispering Campaign
Visit. Print. Copy. Distribute. Repeat.
Knowledge Is Power! Pass It On!!

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