A Stones tune for old Shrubbie’s I-Pod,
Gives his failure a Rock and Roll Cattle prod
If the tune’s catchy at all,
We’ll hear it in Hummers all fall,
Ripping away at his administration’s façade.

(six more after the fold)
This guy in Oklahoma, he must be insane,
Trying to smuggle a bomb on a plane!
Was he working alone,
Or with further suspects unknown?
For now his reasoning seems pretty arcane.

Roberts supporters say they’re simply appalled,
By this attempt to have his nomination black-balled.
NARAL’s inciting reproof,
Has wingers hitting the roof,
Swift Boating THEIR man has them galled…

Iranians have broken the seals,
Despite international appeals.
They sure seem hell bent,
Seeking no one’s consent,
In making Plutonium hexafluoride concealed…

Seems now London has begun to amass,
A few citizens of the terrorist class.
Their solution of sorts,
Is to resort to deports,
On their own Gitmo, they’ve decided to pass…

Happy Birthday to Jerry Falwell!
Anointed King of Christian Conservative swells.
With his Moral Majority,
This purgatory authority,
Has succeeded in turning heaven to hell.

“NBK” and “JFK” were well honed,
With “Fourth of July” and “Platoon” he’s enthroned
Why’s the director of  “Doors”,
Doing  “9/11”, unless, perforce,
Maybe it’s just simply because Oliver’s Stoned…

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