Good Sunday morning or afternoon to all! The Tribune is expected to pass very shortly another milestone — if it hasn’t passed already — with the 2000th registered user. User IDs at the Trib don’t have the hierarchical connotations they do elsewhere; a low UID here by itself doesn’t make anyone more valuable than anyone else; the UID is when you get down to it just an administrative tool. But we can still have a little fun with the UID.

What Happened in the Year of Your UID?

The Wikipedia is a good place to start; you can easily find out what happened in a particular year by using the code (where xxxx is your UID). Feel free to look at the years BCE as well, and at years in other calendar systems, e.g. the Chinese, Hebrew, Islamic, or Mayan systems. If perchance we do have someone with a UID over 2005, you may have to do that anyway!

Some of you may be having a strange sense of déja vu … I ran a diary just along these lines in early June, when an influx of new readers pushed the Trib well over 1000 registered users. It was a fun diversion then, and it’s always meaningful to touch history, if only the “minor” events.

And, as always, enjoy the Café today!