Why is blonde bimbo subbing for Keith instead of the smart black chick? Keith had a week’s vacation already so why isn’t he on tonight? Is he sick? Or sick of dealing with abusive bosses? If he’s been fired, I might as well cancel extended cable ’cause there’s nothing to watch except movies I can rent at Blockbuster.  

I’m really freaking out about this. Was it his anti-smoking campaign? I’m a 40 year smoker so there’s no hope for me; I’d get lung cancer even if I quit. But, I wasn’t bothered by his efforts to dissuade younger people. I wasn’t offended by him saying he’d like to smack me. Heck, I laughed out loud about it.

Keith is the only news reporter I trust to give me both sides of any story. If I’ve lost him, I’ll feel like… I don’t know, going to New Jersey and standing in a ditch or something.

So, Susan, can you assure me that our boy, Keith, is okay?


One of the reasons I adore Keith is he answers his email. He had a root canal yesterday and was still too medicated to do the show. Also, he says, his boss apologized to him. And, I should quit smoking. πŸ˜›