The hypocrisy of the ‘pro-Life’ thinking drives me crazy.

..the group exists to “restore and protect the inalienable right to life for all citizens,” whether “born or preborn, young, old, disabled or terminally ill.”

Yet they believe in the Iraq War, the death penalty and the ongoing suffering of the terminally ill.

As if this Iraq Veteran hasn’t given ‘THEM’ enough:

Pro-life group won’t apologize for HospiceCare statement

Under threat of a lawsuit, Pro-Life Wisconsin pulled a news release accusing HospiceCare of murder in removing the feeding tubes of severely injured Marine Staff Sgt. Chad Simon, but the group has not, as requested, issued a public apology or retraction.

Mothers, like Cindy Sheehan, and spouses have no rights to deal with their grief or loved ones suffering the consequences of this Republican Controlled Country’s ACTIONS (like the illegal war’s ramifications) without more ATTACKS from the Right ASSHOLES over and over again.

Another snippet-

On Aug. 11, three days after Simon’s funeral, Pro-Life Wisconsin issued a news release condemning the removal of Simon’s feeding tube.

“Sgt. Simon was a victim of two different faces of the culture of death,” Hamill said in the news release. “He was certainly a victim of international terrorism, but he was also a victim of America’s rapidly decaying system of ‘hospice’ care. Sgt. Simon died of dehydration, not from any sort of brain injuries. Sgt. Simon was rendered handicapped by the bomb in Iraq, he was murdered by those who were in charge of his medical care.”

Hospice responded aggressively the next day.

“The content of your press release is per se defamatory and subjects both Pro-Life Wisconsin and Peggy Hamill to legal liability,” Hospice attorney Pitz wrote. “It is readily apparent from the press release that you intentionally have sought to falsely disparage Hospice.”

Pitz also declared that the group had “falsely accused Hospice of committing a criminal act.”

Hamill responded with a revised news release – the sentence referring to Simon having been murdered by Hospice was deleted – but never posted it on the group’s Web site.

According to Pro-Life Wisconsin’s Web site, the group exists to “restore and protect the inalienable right to life for all citizens,” whether “born or preborn, young, old, disabled or terminally ill.”


Real Life is not SACRED to The Ignorant. How do these people sleep at night? The disconnect with logic and sanity, humane treatment and dying with dignity astounds me.

I have been a Hospice volunteer in the past, gone through the training, sat with elderly people dying alone because they had no more family members alive to sit with them in their last hours. It was kind of scary at first, and then became the most peaceful event I have ever witnessed.

The only conclusion I can come up with for these so called Pro-Lifers is that They are operating in total Fear of Death mode. They are not intelligent compassionate thinking people by any stretch, and no one can convince me otherwise.