The Great BooTrib Science Fair continues on into the night. . .

When last we met, over in the previous diary where there were no exotic dancers, we were experimenting to try to find out if we could influence the click ads by what we write in these things.
Here’s what we think we know so far:

l. Google keyed into my diary titled, “Good Vibrations” and gave us Beach Boys ads. That was pretty funny. There were no exotic dancers gyrating to “Little Deuce Coup.”

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2. Then, no matter what we substituted in the title, body of the diary, or comments, it ignored us. Even for perfectly respectable subjects like bookstores. All day long, the click ads alternated between music/Beach Boys and ads for building blogs. Even an exotic dancer can build a blog.

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3. So this is a test to see if a whole new diary will make the difference. One thing we’re also testing is to see if google screens adult sites. If it does, it will be interesting to see what it gives us for the subject, “exotic dancer.”

Maybe tap dancing schools?

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So far, it looks as if what we’re going to find out through our exhaustive utterly pristine scientific study is that google loves first versions of diaries, but updates? Not so much.

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